Make your reservation for Mariehamn-Arlanda (MHQ-ARN) v/v and Mariehamn-Turku (MHQ-TKU) here:




Dear passenger, your reservation will be made in the reservationapplication of Nextjet. We kindly ask you to get aquainted to their conditions of carriage.



Next Jet and Air Åland

Mariehamn - Stockholm, Arlanda

Departures from Mariehamn, business days 06.40 a.m and 17.00 p.m.
Departures from Arlanda, business days 09.05 and 19.30


Departures from Mariehamn, sundays 19.20 p.m.
Departures from Arlanda, sundays 17.20 p.m.


Flight time 30 minutes. Local times.
Book online: Next Jet


Mariehamn - Turku

Departures from Mariehamn, business days 11.00 a.m
Departures from Turku, business days 16.00


Flight time 30 minutes.
Book online: Air Åland and Next Jet




There will be a pause in the flight operations according to the following:

Mariehamn-Arlanda (MHQ-ARN)  6.7—4.8.2013

Mariehamn-Turku (MHQ-TKU) 6.7—18.8.2013

The ticket office of Air Åland will be closed  6.7—4.8.2013

If your matter is urgent or if it concerns the flights of Nextjet, we kindly ask you to contact the contact center of Nextjet on +46 771 900 090 or send them an e-mail at .


No longer payments with creditcard

It is no longer possible to pay Air Åland tickets with a creditcard. Air Åland recommends internetbank such as Ålandsbanken, Andelsbanken and Nordea. If you still choose to use a creditcard please make your reservation on Next Jets website.

New timetable from Turku

December 3rd Turku flight goes 1 hour and 20 minutes later. Our new time of departure is 16.00 and time of arrival in MHQ is 16.30. We continue to fly from Mariehamn at 11.00 a.m.

Sundays to Arlanda

Now you can fly from Arlanda and back on sundays also. The price is starting 59 €. Depaturetime from Arlanda is 18:20 och from Mariehamn 19:20. Book online at Next Jet


Turku starting 79 €

Fly to Turku with Next Jet and Air Åland. The prices are starting 79 €, youth tickects starting 39 €. The flight goes every business day at 11.00 a.m from Mariehamn and back from Turku at 14.40 p.m. Book online here or at Next Jet

Air Åland hands over to Next Jet

Starting July 1st 2012 Air Ålands stops flying. After this Next Jet takes over reponsibility of Air Ålands customers and their trips. Passengers are not going to notice any difference. Next Jet flyes after the summerbreak August 6th just like Air Åland did before the break. It is just as easy to fly to Stockholm Arlanda and Turku as it was when Air Åland was responsible for the flights. Read more..


Traffic stop between Helsinki and Mariehamn

Air Åland has stopped the flights between Helsinki and Mariehamn from now on. Traffic continues normally to Tuirku and Stockholm.

What to bring on a flight?

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